Spicy Green Chili Chutney “Aïoli”

photo 2-2

Last night, I was making a long and arduous journey down to curry town, and the prep was going to require some sort of appetizer/snack to peacefully survive a last-minute-marination wait time. I had an artichoke lying around (who doesn’t, really) and I began steaming it. But, you need a dip. So I hunted around my refrigerator door, clinking bottles together as I tried to think of something tasty, semi-fancy, but 100% lazy. Aïoli, naturally.

Well, not really, more like faux aioli. Aïoli is basically a fancy mayo. It is a little more complicated than mayo in terms of making it from scratch, but they have a mostly similar end-texture (one obviously being more bland). I wanted a spicy dip, and so it was a no brainer, my little jar of green chili chutney (all of 3$ from an Indian grocery store) would meet the requirements.

Spicy Green Chili Chutney Faux-oli

  • 1 tbps Green Chili Chutney (Indian Grocery Stores)
  • 1/4 cup Mayonnaise

Mix. Dip!

It was really excellent with the artichoke. I’ll be using it again for crab cakes or anything fried.

photo 1 (1)


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