Stuffed “Carrots”


I first saw this recipe on Hungry Happenings, and I just adored it. All her food is so pretty, so I was understandably jazzed to try it out. It worked great. This year we had a company potluck for spring, and I wrote: Stuffed “Carrots” on the sign up sheet and effectively had our fun committee in a tizzy over what on Earth that could mean.

I changed the recipe a bit from what H.H. had posted, but that’s ok–this is a flexible dish. It’s also an impressive too-lazy-to-impress dish, which are my favorite. I decided to use less food coloring than the first attempt (above) because it was a little intense (albeit pretty). I also decided to use chicken salad because too many eggs is no bueno.

Adapted from Hungry Happenings

Makes: 12 “Carrots”
Special Tools: Cream Horn Cone

Stuffed “Carrots”

Pre-heat oven to 350°

> Puff Pastry Sheet, thawed

Cut puff pastry into strips, roll it a little to make it a rope and wrap around cream horn. 

> Food Coloring
> Egg White

Mix egg white with orange food coloring (or yellow + red food coloring), as orange as you prefer. Coat the carrots with the wash.
Using the egg whites requires less food coloring, and makes a lighter orange–you can just use the food coloring too for a more intense orange.

Bake for 15 minutes

Allow to cool

> Filling: Chicken Salad (or egg salad, or anything you might stuff in a sandwich really)
> Parsley

Stuff in your filling and then add a parsley stem to complete the carrot effect.

Other Ideas–
Santa Hats
: red food coloring, a sweet stuffing with a squirt of whip cream at the tip
Thanksgiving Cornucopia: egg wash, and a chopped vegetable salad (or maybe stuffing)

Do you have any ideas for using the cream horn cone?

photo 2 (1)

photo (1)



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