Ethiopian Collard Greens (Ye’abesha Gomen)

Yeabesha GomenA to Z Challenge (Letter Y): Ye’abesha Gomen

Also pictured: Doro Wat and Key Wat

Ethiopian Collard Greens, Ye’abesha Gomen, reminds me of a more flavorful version of the southern collard greens. Even though there is a substantial amount of the nit’ir qibe (spiced clarified butter), I feel comfortable calling this dish a “healthy side.” 🙂

This dish is very easy to make and comes together in about 20 minutes. It goes great with the traditional injera (a sourdough crepe), but I also like it with rice mixed with plain yogurt or on its own.

Ye’abesha Gomen

Special Ingredients: Spiced Clarified Butter (Nit’ir Qibe) and Berbere Spice

On medium heat in a pan, melt

When butter oil is hot, add

  • 1 yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 tbs garlic, minced

Cook until onions are soft, then add

After spices are blended, add

  • 2 bushels collard greens, washed, de-stemed, sliced/chopped
  • 2 cups of water

Turn pan onto high heat, and cook until most of the liquid is gone and the collard greens are soft.

Serve as a side, with injera, or rice that is mixed with plain yogurt.


6 thoughts on “Ethiopian Collard Greens (Ye’abesha Gomen)

  1. I love Ethiopian food!! It was one of those foods that I was so glad I took the monetary risk on one night… now I can make it at home without breaking the bank! Thanks. 😀

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