Baby Food!


While I’ve been busy learning Russian cuisine, and enjoying messing around with pelmeni and halupki, I’ve also dived head-first into baby food. My 6, going on 7, month old son is happy I have.

As babies get the best of everything before we start stuffing their little maws with pizza and corndogs, of course my son is going to get organic apples, herbs, and free-range kissed on the head meats.

If you’ve never purchased Organic food, which (admittedly) I don’t always do. I encourage you to take a second peek at the fruits. Specifically your blueberries and red delicious apples. After researching the *most nutritious* apple (Canada, thank you for that seemingly-pointless study), I went straight to the organic Red Delicious display, and at a distance I mistook the apples for plums. The skin was so rich and dark that I could almost smell the antioxidants! The blueberries were nearly black and tiny, nothing like my light blue monstrosities I munch away on directly from my freezer.


Another good article to read is actually from (among other places, but best compiled there), which highlights the food now blessed as baby-friendly (including fish, spices, nuts, red meats, and beans).

Additionally, babycenter is a great resource. And, I don’t mean “.COM” I mean “.IN” (India, it’s in English)  or “.DE” (Germany + google translate), etc etc. Which tells the food recommendation’s from those countries Ministries of Health. It’s a great way to see additional foods that other countries globally believe to be good baby food–especially if you frequently cook an international cuisine (Italian, Indian, etc).

My other primary resources are two cookbooks 201 Organic Baby Purees which provides nice weekly menus and information, and Start Fresh which had me drooling by the time I finished reading it (yes… I read cookbooks, not exactly high Lit, I know. ha!).DSC_0003

Cooking baby food is very easy. Simply boil the individual ingredients in the water needed to blend it with + any spices (~1/4 tsp or more to taste). As your baby gets older you can cook an entire dish with all the ingredients together–but I’m still going through the introduction phase.

My only rule is that it has to be good enough that I would eat it.

I used the IKEA ice cube trays, the green square one. They are flexible, which makes a world of difference. I have two, and often wished for three, but ultimately found two useful enough.


Licked his bowl clean, then was in a food coma!!! 🙂

My Son’s Top Five Favorite Combinations:

3 cubes = ~2 oz of food

45 seconds in the microwave & mix to disperse the heat (and squish any still-frozen bits)

Baby Sambhar (Indian Vegetable Soup)

  • 1, Moong Dal with Fennel & Turmeric cube
  • 1, Green Bean cube
  • 1, Carrot cube

 Lamb Stew

  • 1, Lamb with Rosemary & Sage cube
  • 1, Green Bean cube (or Pea)
  • 1, Carrot cube

Mango Chicken Curry

  • 2, Mango w/ Cumin cubes
  • 1, Chicken cube

Apples & Rice

  • 2, Apple cubes
  • 1, Rice cube

Note: Apples & Rice are both a part of the B.R.A.T. diet (Bananas, Rice, Apples, Toast) which doctors recommend to stop diarrhea. Overdoing this might make your wee-one constipated, but the next combination will help that. 😉

Beet & Spinach

  • 2, Beet cubes
  • 1, Spinach cube

There is a large number of combinations you can do with these same food cubes, or even just singular veggies if you’re still introducing. These are just my sons absolute favorites!



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