Rose Syrup

DIY Rose Syrup

Yes, Rose Syrup…from roses! Not just any ol’ rose, you want a rose with a strong rose scent. Without the pronounced rose scent, you’ll just have rose-colored water which, while pretty, doesn’t have much else going for it! Rose syrup is used in middle eastern and northern Indian cuisines–but it really needs to break its way into American cuisine!

Rose milk is a popular drink of milk sweetened with rose syrup (think, strawberry milk or chocolate milk). It makes a delectable addition to your alcoholic beverage repertoire, and beverages in general.

Many people have the raw ingredients right outside their window–begging to be used. I’ve been treating my roses like they are veggies, mostly because I planned on eating them. If you’ve been using pesticides, give it a season or two. There are lots of organic, non-chemically ways to treat your roses–from fertilizer to ladybugs!

You can dry your rose petals until you collect enough–just rinse and dry them out in the sun or in a food dehydrator. I store mine in the freezer until I collect enough.

DIY Rose Syrup


Rose Water

Rose water is the first step to syrup. Think: Rose Tea.

Yield 1 cup Rose Water

  • 1 cup packed fresh or dried roses
  • 1 cup distilled water

In a lidded pot, steep your roses in JUST enough hot water to cover them, and by hot I mean about 170 degrees or pre-simmer.

Cover the lid and let sit until the color fades from the roses. They’ll be melancholy pink, but your water will be a nice deep red.  (3-4 minutes, more if needed for roses to fully lose their color)

I recommend using an electric kettle to achieve perfect temps–heat until it clicks and then dump over the petals.

Double, triple, quadruple the recipe as per your preference.

Strain and return to lidded pot to make rose syrup–or not, and just use the rose water. It’s a common perfume, used to wash faces as a skin toner, etc. You can replace water in sweet dishes with the rose water as well.

Rose Syrup

Rose syrup is simple….a simple syrup!

  • 1 cup rose water
  • 3/4 to 1 cup sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)

Bring the ingredients to a boil, stirring frequently. Lower to medium-high and stir until all sugar is dissolved. Continue cooking until it is the syrupy consistency you desire (for me, 5-7 minutes).

(if you want it really really syrupy, I’d recommend the 3/4 cup sugar, and cook until it reduces even further)


Things to make with your rose syrup:

  • Rose Ice Cream
    Rose Ice Cream
  • Boozey Lemon Rose Drops
    2 shots lemon juice, 1 shots rose syrup, 1 shot vodka–shake shake with ice. Yum.
  • Rose Iced Tea
    Iced tea sweetened with rose syrup!
  • Rose Panna Cotta
  • Falooda
  • Rose Lemonade
    Lemonade sweetened with rose syrup instead of simple syrup.

Taking time to smell the roses has never been so sweet!!!

What do you think you would make with Rose Syrup?


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